Where you are in life is not far from what you expect to be. You can always get back to your destiny following the master’s footprints, no matter how low life has sunk you.

Five armed men robbed the family of Jehu and Jacinta, in a lonely village of Surratt.

In the process, one of the robbers raped Jacinta, the wife of Jehu.

The feeling of despair and inexplicable sense of disaster attained the complex climes when suddenly Jacinta discovered she was pregnant of her late forties, for the unknown rapist, after her last pregnancy fifteen years ago.

The husband Jehu, now in his late fifties has been unemployed for the past five years he retired from a casual job in a leather company.

Life for them before the incidence was hard-hitting.

The last child of Jacinta, Reuben, was lynched by an angry mob to death for raping a girl of ten years in the community.

The other four girls are notorious street girls of grave concern to the community in Surratt.

The colours of life for Jacinta turned red.

Jehu’s little feeble minds could not think out any way forward. All efforts to abort the innocent child with local concoctions failed.

How did these devastated old love birds survive this old-age unwanted pregnancy?

Their values of courage have eroded and nosedived into abbeys.

Who will unbridle this strange and complex narrative; and chart a new course?

The polluted charisma of Jacinta and her family became the clog on the wheel of a happy family.

Then, a young bastard genius became an emerging hope. Who could have ever imagined that the disgusting incident of the horrific rape of Jacinta will be the beginning of new life in the family of Jehu?

Would the lives of Jehu and Jacinta better, if Jacob immediately after the pregnancy was noticed, was aborted? Only God can predict the future encapsulated in the destiny of a child in the womb.

Jacob was born after nine months of pregnancy and at sixteen became the joy and the light that recovered the family of Jehu.

Jacob charted a new direction of family life following the Master’s footprints and arriving at his purpose.

The dark orbit turned white. Pain and pangs vanished. Life of a family submerged in confusion, shame, suspected mysteries

The swelling of countless uncertainties welcomed a divine approach.

And the supernatural power of the Almighty brought a new life to a former devastated family of Jehu.

What happened, and how did the light emerge?

Not only that Jacobs was endowed, but had a destiny so approved by the Almighty God.

He has fascinating football skills that made him the most priced footballer in Europe; millions of Euro.

Life is dynamic and changes with time. What life was to Jacinta and Jehu changed when God stepped in through an accidental occurrence they never wanted.

Everybody felt life when inhaled the first breath and opened the eyes to see the first light after birth irrespective of the life source.

Immediately after birth, no one understands what the future holds but life to live.

Life is a journey everybody starts at birth and goes in different directions and styles, only to converge at the same place of death.

It is challenging to learn how to get along with oneself to be able to get along with others and face the challenges of everyday living.

The direction of life each person follows is the function of the footprints that leads.

The meaning of life and living differs also depending on choice and exposure.

Someone said that life is a game, play it; Life is a challenge, Meet it, and life is an opportunity, Capture it.

To others, life is an experiment. Everybody seems to have a definition of what is life and living.

Many of us from time to time get stuck in our ways and routines.

Most people pause if unexpected happens to them or someone they love, and start to think and ask, “Is this all there is for me?” “Is this all I’m capable of?”

Why wait for that moment to wake up?

Why not live your life conscious than being forced by life to live it?

Many great people walked through the sand of life and left footprints to guiding many groups and beliefs to ways to live.

Every one of them left good messages all pointing to a sure path to living to attain peace at the end of eternity.

All we want is the sure path to a life of peace, joy and total well-being.

How to live for many has been indeed an experiment, trying many ways and components of life. The time we are in now is full of challenges, and it is, therefore, dangerous to live your life in futility.

What do you believe in this life? Are you just living tossed to and fro by the spirit of the times?

It is essential to ask yourself these simple questions, irrespective of which great master or life philosophy you take on.

• Who am I?

• What am I doing here?

• What’s right in my life?

• What needs to be that is not in my life?

• Why is life so uncertain?

Many that could not provide answers to these questions end up in funny ways.

Few people live life to the fullest. Others live for what life brings. It is wise to live your life to the fullest than taking chances, knowing you don’t have a clear direction.

The safest way is to place your feet on the master's footprints to initiate your walks to destiny.



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